A quick overview…
Radio Frequency treatments are designed as a way to remove fat in the body in a very targeted way. It is pain free, completely safe, carries no unpleasant side affects and is totally non-invasive.

We use a hand held probe which is moved over the skin. The probe pulls the tissue inside by means of a vacuum and then the radio frequency wave hits the fat cell and causes the walls to become weak and the contents to become liquid.

The liquid fat is then transferred to your body’s systems to be disposed of through the liver.

At the same time, the radio frequency wave encourages the body to produce new collagen which has the effect of tightening and toning the skin and improving its appearance.

Lots of celebrities endorse this type of treatment, Gwyneth Paltrow has been very vocal about the radio frequency treatments she has to keep her youthful appearance.

What is this treatment good for…

This treatment has numerous uses, some of the most common are:

  • Reducing pockets of stubborn fat
  • Improving the look and texture of stretch marks and scars
  • Lifting the skin on the face and neck to give a non-invasive and natural looking facelift
  • Targeting areas of cellulite
  • Lifting the breasts after dramatic weight-loss, natural ageing or breast feeding

To see the best results, a course of treatments is recommended. We usually start with four treatments, one week apart for a month and then two further maintenance treatments monthly.

How to get the best results…
As with any treatment, there are a few ways you can ensure you get the best possible results from this treatment. Read all about them right here.

If you have a specific area you wish to target, please do contact our clinic in Hemel Hempstead to see if this revolutionary treatment could work for you!

The Science Bit…
Do you want to know more? Read on to understand the science behind this clever fat reducing treatment…

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a sound wave which has been designed to target fat cells, it penetrates through your bodies skin layers and destroys the fat cells with up to 1 million vibrations per second, this causes the cell to expand because tiny bubbles of oxygen are formed within the cell which causes internal pressure in the cell which in turn then causes it to disperse its contents into the body.

Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction
The Radio Frequency part of the treatment is designed to clean up the content left in the body from the ultrasonic cavitation treatment. this is done by increasing the body temperature which causes capillary dilation enabling a faster, more efficient blood circulation, the vacuum then causes better blood to fat exchange, then the fat enriched blood is circulated and processed through your liver, which cleans your blood whilst removing the fat, Radio Frequency also has the ability to shrink loose skin and repair collagen /Elastin in the skin

The ultrasound wave is finely tuned to target fat cells only, it causes no damage to the skin veins nerve endings or internal organs.

We have the latest technology in the world using the third generation machine, which uses ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, vacuum, photon light energy and touch screen safety controls.

New to the UK an alternative to outdated liposuction, a painless non-invasive procedure which targets and destroys fat cells only, leaves veins, arterys, capillaries, nerve endings, and internal organs untouched and undamaged.

Treatments are suitable are for both men and women, it removes celluite, scars, stretch marks, fat cells and will shrink loose skin after dramatic weight loss or child birth.


Aftercare Advice

To ensure complete success with this treatment you have to follow a few simple aftercare rules. Our therapist will go into detail with you personally after your treatment but the main aftercare points are:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Follow a healthy balanced diet, with fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Complete 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours post treatment, alcohol will cause dehydration adding to your liver’s workload

If you follow these simple rules you will have the best possible chance of success. Your liver will do all the hard work,  getting rid of the unwanted fat cells.

Using the same machine as our popular body sculpting treatment, Our facials consist of the R.F. vacuum glided over the skin to increase blood flow and remove toxins towards the lymph nodes which then process them to be removed from the body. The increased circulation and metabolism also helps to renew broken collagen.

The next step is closing the pores using our cold hammer to keep the collagen inside the skin whilst preventing daily pollution entering the cleansed pores.

The last step is the E.M.S (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) this part of the treatment, two metal probes are applied around the muscles motor point, then the electrical current contracts the muscles. This improves the texture and tone of the skin and gives a a natural looking face lift with no pain.

It reduces under eye bags, diminishes age wrinkles, tightens eye lids and also smooths your skin.

Breast Lifts
Using the Ultrasonic Cavitation machine our therapists can enhance your breasts to make them smoother and more uplifted.

This is achieved by using the vacuum cup to stimulate the lymph and blood circulation in the area. It also speeds up metabolism which will improve the smoothness by removing all the toxins in the area. The suction part of the vacuum can also strengthen the pectoralis major and mammary glands, which will also stimulate the body tissue and pituitary gland to adjust the female endocrine system which increases the estrogen in the body.

This causes a natural breast lift even after the treatment. This treatment is perfect for women who have lost weight or have breast fed.

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The pricing given below relates to minutes taken in a single session. Contact our Hemel Hempstead Clinic to discuss your specific requirements, we are happy to work out a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

20 Minutes


30 Minutes


40 Minutes


50 Minutes


60 Minutes