A regular diet of tea, coffee, red wine, and many other foods can result in teeth becoming stained.

Our non-peroxide professional teeth whitening process is safe, pain free and will give you a beautiful whiter smile in under an hour. Firstly we recommend having a dental nurse check and clean your teeth as removal of any plaque/tartar will result in an even whiteness.

Using a shade guide rake of teeth, together with a mirror, we’ll agree your teeth’s current shade. A disposable re-tractor exposing the teeth is fitted and a gum shield applied then cured by LED light. A non-peroxide whitening gel is applied to your teeth.

Our digital LED Blue-ray whitening lamp is switched on for a 15 minute cycle. this process is repeated up to three times, some clients are more than pleased with just two cycles.

The whitening gel and shields  are removed your mouth rinsed and together we’ll check again with the tooth guide to show you how many shades whiter your teeth have become,  now your ready to show the world a beautiful new whiter smile and a more confident you.

A 48 hour white diet is recommended post treatment  to protect your teeth from staining. A general rule is. “If it stains a white cloth it may stain your teeth.”

Your teeth will stay noticeably whiter for 18-24 months, a 15 or 30 minute top-up will maintain that dazzling smile, if you have the condition tetracycline the process will take longer. Veneers capped teeth will only whiten back to their original shade.


1 x 15 Minute Top-up


2 x 15 Minute Top-up


45 Minute Full Treatment