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Price List 2015 with free consultations

 Laser Lipolysis

 £125 per session  our machine has 8 pads with 64 lasers and 2 activation pads  25 minutes sessions a course of 8 sessions is recommended

 Plus a free 10 minutes use of our Bodi-Tek power trainer RF. Vacuum 20 minute booster for Laser Lipo £30

    Ultra sonic Fat Burn Treatment

 Special offer now  just £60 per hour or £35 per 30 minutes 

Each treatment consists of 40 minute Ultrasound 20 minutes RF. Vacuum with Photon light

£125 per hour or £62.50 for 30 minutes. 


Botox Bocouture

1 area £150 2 areas £220 3 areas £280 Headache treatment £240

Dermal Fillers from £200


     Laser Teeth Whitening

special offer now just £99

up to 10 shades whiter £199

Semi Permanent Make-up for Eyebrows / Eye liner- £280

RF.Facial Treatment

lymph node drainage ,  eyebrow tightening – each facial treatment consists of 15 minute RF vacuum 5 minute cold hammer and 10 minute eye treatment -£65

special offer now just £35


special offer now just £30 for 30 minutes 

Facial with galvanic, ultrasound, high frequency, vacuum, steam, facial


Radio Frequency

 Mole, skin tag, wart, milk spot/millia removal, not suitable for cancerous lesions

 Restrictions for moles Must be 18 or older size restrictions apply, client must have written GP consent.

   price starts from  £290  with a free consultation


Hi Frequency

Free consultation thread / spider vain removal  15 minute sessions £195

 blocked sebaceous gland / blind spot removal  £165